Workspaces that save you time.

Customize your dashboard view using Workspaces and save an average of 1.5 hours/day with instant use of email, messages, video conferencing, document management and more.

How Workstorm saves time and money

A single employee can save 90 minutes a day with Workstorm:
A workspace dashboard saves a user 55 minutes per day on average. That's time not spent opening and closing separate windows for each message, or switching back and forth from separate email, messaging, file sharing and video conference systems.
Having email integrated into the collaboration platform saves a user 35 minutes per day on average to securely send and receive emails alongside messages, files, video conference calls and more.
In a year, a team of 10 people can save:
Approximately 3,750 hours
Equivalent to almost
2 full-time employees

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