Looking for a Microsoft Teams alternative? Meet Workstorm.

Workstorm gives you integrated video conferencing, screen sharing, messaging, calendar integration, document management, and more.

Voice Calls Connect with your team or individuals using voice calls.
Video Calls Connect with your team or individuals using video calls.
File Sharing Integrate your DMS to keep track of important documents and files.
Built-in Surveys Survey your team to get instant feedback on proposals.
Built-in Task Manager Manage to-do lists within the app.
Multi-Factor Authentication Use a second form of authentication to protect user accounts.
Multi-Party Screen Sharing Multiple participants can share their screen at one time.
Workspaces Create custom layouts with different conversations and team rooms.
No 3rd Party Sharing Workstorm will not share your information and data with 3rd parties.
End-to-End Encryption End-to-End Encryption for text chat, voice calls, video calls, file sharing, and screen sharing. In certain cases, an on-premises deployment may be needed so contact our sales team to learn more.
Feature comparison updated in July 2021.

Get the message across with Workstorm.

Workstorm is built by professionals, for professionals, who need to make real-time decisions quickly – and who can’t afford to miss a single important piece of information. Organized, controlled channels cut through the noise to keep teams focused, even remotely.

  • Monitor key conversations and projects easily
  • Bring together people inside and outside your business in shared, secure channels
  • Protect confidential data with built-in security measures
  • Spend less time hunting through email for messages and files
  • Speed up approvals and sales cycles

Scale your communication, without the hassle.

When you’re dealing with high volumes of client and company information, you need a powerful way to keep it all organized. Workstorm is designed to help high-achieving teams keep their work flowing.

  • Create unlimited channels organized by project or topic

  • Personalize your dashboard with your most frequently visited conversations, group messages and workspaces

  • Find content quickly with global search across all your channels

  • Organize your message panel with built-in folders for maximum efficiency

  • See exactly how many messages are waiting for review with notifications

  • See the latest work updates with Workstorm’s recent feed feature

Ready to Start Your Team’s Private and Secure Collaboration?