Looking for a Zoom alternative? Meet Workstorm.

Workstorm gives you integrated video conferencing, screen sharing, messaging, calendar integration, document management, and more.

Video Conferencing Invite 100+ participants to your unique video conferencing link.
Screen Sharing Share your screen with other participants on video calls.
Calendar Integration Integrate your calendar to keep track of your scheduled appointments.
Messaging During Video Call Dedicated chat room to send text based messages during video calls.
Multi-Party Screen Sharing Multiple participants can share their screen at one time.
Surveys Built-in surveys to get feedback from your team.
Task Manager Keep a running to-do list within the Workstorm app.
Document Management System (DMS) Integration Integrate your DMS to keep track of important documents and files.
On-Premises or Cloud Hosting The option to host your software on-premises or use cloud hosting.
US-Based Employment 100% developed by us-based employees
Feature comparison updated in July 2021.

An all-in-one workspace.

Virtual work demands much more than just videoconferencing. Workstorm puts secure messaging, file sharing, email, calendar and more all within easy reach, giving businesses, organizations and institutions the tools to collaborate no matter where they are.

Video conferences that truly connect.

  • Share & Control

    Enjoy multi-party screen sharing along with remote control.

  • Scalability

    Communicate one-to-one or with 100+ clients and colleagues.

  • Phone Access

    Dial into conference calls when a computer or internet are unavailable.

  • External Users

    Invite people with a unique, secure link for each meeting – no download required.

No downloads required.

Unlike some platforms, Workstorm doesn’t require you to enter contact information or download a unique web client to participate in calls. Just share a link or dial-in number with clients and colleagues – no login needed.