Nick Stech

Co-Founder and COO

Nick Stech is a co-founder and the COO of Workstorm. He has a passion for building software that connects people to the knowledge, data, systems, and networks they need to efficiently make decisions.

Prior to joining Workstorm, Stech led a team of quantitative researchers and developers at Citadel Investment Group, a leader in capital markets. He created AI systems and software to trade, create markets, and execute trades on behalf of institutional investors on a global scale, across Asia, Europe, and North America. Stech began his career with Automated Trading Desk, a pioneer and innovator in the electronic trading industry that was acquired by Citibank and later Citadel. His roles focused on applying statistics and computer science to automate the equity trading business, creating early AI software to make low-latency, real-time trading decisions.

Stech holds bachelor’s degrees in Biochemistry, Biology, and Chemistry from College of Charleston. When he’s not reimagining software, Stech can be found outdoors, mountaineering, rock climbing, and endurance racing.