Virtual workspaces that save time

Customized messaging dashboards to streamline and manage your most important conversations. 

Virtual workspaces that save time


Create Workspaces for projects, clients, teams, topics, or whatever you need 


Access video, messages, and files in a central location to reduce context switching 


Personalize conversation organization for optimal productivity 


Workspace-specific notification settings 


Pin frequently accessed Workspaces to your most visited tabs 

Frequently Asked Questions

Workspaces are customizable dashboards to help you organize your conversations by priority, team, or topic. 

Click the Workspaces menu icon and click +Add New Workspace. Once you name your new Workspace, you can choose the conversations you’d like to add and select a layout. Once conversations are in the Workspace, you can drag and drop to re-order to your preference.  

Any direct message or channel with internal or external participants can be included. 

Conversations in workspaces function similar to application windows. They can be arranged in tiles or columns, or freely dragged and resized.