About Workstorm

Our leaders and advisors come from the financial, legal, professional service, national security, and government industries, understanding the critical importance of data security and productivity.

Mission and Founding Story 

Workstorm was founded in Chicago by Raj Fernando and Nick Stech. Raj previously owned Chopper Trading, which was one of the biggest market participants, trading trillions of dollars of securities a year. Nick was a quantitative researcher at Citadel Investment Group and a fintech product manager with Automated Trading Desk, an AI and automation innovator.

Feeling hindered by a lack of collaboration and communication products that met the demands of the trading industry, Raj and Nick set out to develop a collaboration platform of their own.

The platform they set out to build needed to perform in the high-stress, fast-paced, and dynamic regulated global trading industry with no margin for error. Communication needed to take place in real-time and incorporate signals and messages from markets and automated trading systems. Noise and distractions could lead to costly mistakes, so messages needed to be appropriately prioritized and filtered. Expert teams needed to be brought together to respond to emerging situations no matter where they physically worked or how they were formally organized. Information needed to be shared on a need-to-know basis to protect highly confidential proprietary data, trade secrets, intellectual property, and client privacy. Records needed to be kept according to policies set by governments and regulating agencies. And all this activity needed to take place in a secure environment safe from malicious hacking attempts. 

Together, Raj and Nick built Workstorm to meet those demanding requirements, and then realized that many other businesses and organizations handling sensitive information and operating in regulated industries could benefit from their collaboration solution. Workstorm has engaged with governments, financial firms, legal firms, consulting firms, and healthcare organizations who share our mission of protecting confidential information while working in highly collaborative environments. Workstorm, a powerful collaboration platform built on privacy and security, continues to develop technologies to assist the most demanding institutions as they adapt to more automation, engage with AI, and manage uncertainty. 

Workstorm Corporate Leadership

Katie Barr

Chief Strategy Officer

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Michael Barry

VP of Engineering

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Raj Fernando

Co-Founder and CEO

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Pam Hoover

VP of Marketing

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Angela Kovach Workstorm VP of Commercial Operations

Angela Kovach

VP of Commercial Operations


Nick Stech

Co-Founder and COO

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Amanda Taylor

Chief Administrative Officer

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Anatoliy Yudovich

Chief Technology Officer

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Advisory Board

Jon Bunge

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Brig. Gen. Stephen A. Cheney

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Steve Cooper

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Ambassador Ivo H. Daalder

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John DeBlasio

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David Donnersberger

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Jack Huffard

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Mark Lawrence

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Lee Miller

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Jason Osborn

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James Otto

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Rohan Phillips

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Jenny Scanlon

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Smita N. Shah

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Mark Williams

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