Secure messaging for dynamic and operationally complex teams

Bring flexible, customizable messaging to your team without sacrificing security and privacy.

Secure messaging for dynamic and operationally complex teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Channels are a way to collaborate with internal and external team members, share files, and categorize conversations by topic, department, or team. 

Direct messages are 1:1 messages that you can send to an internal or external team member. 

Yes, to create a group message, create a new channel and add the members you would like to message with. This can also include external connections. Those who are external will have an orange globe icon. If you add anyone external to the channel, you will find the channel under External Teams. 

Adding an external connection is simple and easy. If your connection is new to Workstorm, invite the connection by clicking “New Connection Invite” and that person will get an email to sign up. If an external connection is already a Workstorm member, simply search for the connection and start a message. Read more

There is no limit. 

Direct messages and channels are split into two tabs under Messages. By default, your internal direct messages and channels are shown above external direct messages and channels. The Folders function helps you organize your conversations by topic, department, client, etc. Folders are specifically visible for you, so you can create the folder hierarchy that best suits your workflow.