Secure video conferencing

Workstorm video conferencing goes beyond connecting your teams; it is built around secure features that protect confidential conversations and information.

Workstorm offers end-to-end encryption for video conferencing to ensure privacy and secure communication. Unique video links and access codes for every video conference protect meetings from uninvited guests. Workstorm securely and seamlessly connects teams allowing for immersive discussion and collaboration without worry.

Secure video conferencing


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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Workstorm meetings can be joined from the app or a web browser. This makes it easy for first-time users to join meetings without requiring any downloads. Workstorm enables all participants to easily join the meeting regardless of the operating system, device, or other meeting tools they currently use. If you don’t have an account, you can still download the app and join a Workstorm video conference with your unique meeting link.

By design, Workstorm creates a unique code for each meeting that you schedule. This aligns with our overall mission to protect meetings with robust and secure features.

Yes. All Workstorm meetings include a link to join the meeting, as well as a dial-in conference number.

Schedule a meeting directly through the Workstorm app by accessing your connected calendar or schedule a meeting via Outlook using the Outlook plug in.