Legal collaboration built for your firm’s most sensitive matters 

Transform the way your legal team collaborates. 

Workstorm’s secure legal collaboration platform safeguards your privileged communications and sensitive data, while improving legal matter management efficiency.


Dynamically scale and quickly respond to new or complex matters without burdening IT


Securely connect and collaborate with clients, partners, expert, consultants, and other firms


Quickly find matter-related information across all your document management systems and share information on a need-to-know basis with private matter-centric channels


Workstorm offers efficient matter and document management designed for the legal industry. The iManage integration provides access to client matters and maintains strict access controls, internal governance and compliance procedures, and client confidentiality. Connect Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for instant file storage, calendar, and email access. Workstorm brings together all the functionality a law firm needs for improved efficiency and cohesive workflow.

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