Rohan Phillips

Advisory Board

Rohan Phillips serves as a member on the Advisory Board for Workstorm. He retired as vice president and chief technology architect for Information Technology at McDonald’s Corporation after eighteen years with the company. In his role, Phillips was responsible for Global Infrastructure Solutions and Services, including enterprise architecture, global office and restaurant computing, and global office and restaurant networks. He also served as chairman of the Global Infrastructure Management Team for McDonald’s, overseeing implementation and management of global IT infrastructure in 118 countries.

Prior to McDonald’s, Phillips was a partner at Optimum Solutions Inc., a consulting and system-integration company, where he focused on large-scale systems integration projects at Fortune 500 companies. He also served as the director of the Manufacturing Program and Automation Laboratories at the University of Illinois at Chicago; process engineer at TRW Corporation; and adjunct professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Northern Illinois University.

Rohan has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA in Industrial Engineering and Business Management, and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.