Workstorm connects everyone who needs to know.

Staying connected to people both inside and outside your organization matters more than ever. When you can’t be in the same room, Workstorm gets everyone on the same screen while protecting your company’s sensitive data.

One platform, unlimited possibilities.

Your day-to-day work involves more than your team – it includes clients, partners, vendors and other companies outside your own. With Workstorm, you can bring unlimited companies together in secure, organized channels that make it easier to get work done.

External Collaboartion - Callouts
  • “Workstorm has become our primary method of meeting with clients and presenting design schemes to them. All these digital tools make it even more possible for us to work globally, and we feel confident that it’s secure.”

    -Shea Soucie, Soucie Horner

Invite everyone who needs to know.

Bring unlimited external users into a secure, easy-to-navigate platform designed to keep communication organized. Workstorm allows you to invite individuals, not companies, so you control exactly who sees what.

Shared, secure conversations.

Workstorm adapts to the way you communicate outside your organization by bringing together internal and external users in organized channels. Messaging channels with external users are clearly identified, and team admins select which users can join the conversation – so you always know who’s collaborating with you.

Face-to-face communication, right where you are.

From 1:1 meetings to group calls for 100+ people, Workstorm’s flexible, secure videoconferencing keeps the conversation going among all your external parties.

  • Invite external users with a secure videoconferencing link

  • Allow external users to dial in by phone when needed

  • Host instant calls directly in Workstorm without links or codes

A full digital toolbox in easy reach.

Need to have a sidebar conversation with a colleague during your client video conference call? With features like messaging, email, calendar, announcements and more built right in, Workstorm enables multiple simultaneous communication streams that mirror how you actually work.

Security meets privacy and compliance.

Open collaboration may work for some businesses, but when it comes to keeping client information secure, you need a platform that puts company privacy first. Workstorm is designed to meet the privacy needs of high-stakes, client-focused businesses, like law firms, insurance companies and healthcare organizations. User-based permissions and powerful compliance modules help firms maintain ethical walls and ensure information stays in the right hands.

Are You Ready for the Future of Remote Work?

Maintaining – and potentially increasing – communications with both internal team members and external clients is critical in a remote work environment. Learn how to structure your firm’s communications to keep everyone on the same page, virtually.

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