What happens when the world’s tech-savviest, most capable workforce raises its standards for flexibility, productivity and purpose?

The Great Resignation.

In 2021, professionals began quitting well-paying jobs in droves, seeking more perks and more opportunities to do worthwhile work efficiently. Four million people resigned from their roles in July 2021, and another 4.4 million quit in September. Experts aren’t sure how long the Great Resignation will continue, but some of the shifts it’s created are likely permanent.

In particular, the need to collaborate with distributed teams during the pandemic has raised workers’ expectations for digital communication. Employees are looking for workplaces that offer seamless digital experiences, and are increasingly unwilling to put up with disjointed systems and outdated tools.

There is a way to attract high-quality workers seeking meaningful full-time roles, and one of the keys is great enterprise technology. Here are three ways you can leverage an all-in-one collaboration tool to attract top talent during and after the Great Resignation.

Take Communication Out of the Inbox

Today’s employees seek modern communication platforms to share their creativity, ideas and knowledge. Employees have a social and mobile-first mindset – fast, fluid and in real time. Many workers have shifted to texting or messaging – instead of email – as their priority “inbox” for tasks, questions and decision-making. In one survey, 38% of office workers indicated that email fatigue may drive them to resign. Instead, they need tools that can support a flexible work schedule and that allow real-time interaction. That’s why Workstorm offers quick and easy messaging right alongside email, document management, videoconferencing, calendaring and more.

Enable Employees To Work Productively From Anywhere

Businesses are offering increased wages, flexible schedules and even college tuition stipends, but many candidates are holding out for the king of post-pandemic perks: the ability to work remotely.

During COVID-19 office closures, organizations realized that virtual teams could get more done without the hindrances of traditional offices, long commutes and major infrastructure investments ​​– but using effective technology was key. On-demand videoconferencing, messaging and document sharing features built into collaboration platforms ensure that employees can interact with colleagues, clients and subject matter experts regardless of where those team members are located or what device they’re using.

Reduce Friction at Every Touch Point

Professionals are demanding smart workplace technologies that increase efficiency and foster personal growth. They want tools that allow them to share information naturally and productively. At Workstorm, we know that the intelligent minds within an organization are its most valuable resource. Why waste them, day in and day out, battling through disjointed software trying to connect ideas and create value? All-in-one collaboration platforms minimize the time and effort it takes to communicate while maximizing valuable work output. This is a concept that almost any employee – no matter the generation or location – can get behind, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Businesses That Adapt Will Embrace a Brighter Future

Human resources experts predict that not offering remote work could cause businesses to miss out on 70% of candidates. Organizations that use collaboration platforms are poised to reap the benefits, including increased employee engagement, greater productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

As the pandemic continues to affect worker expectations and workers enjoy collective leverage over employers for the first time in 30 years, businesses must look well beyond what’s working now. Adopt a vision for how your workplace will communicate in the future, and begin implementing the solutions that will make that vision possible.

Workstorm’s all-in-one collaboration tool can help you attract and retain the talent you need to maintain a competitive advantage as we embrace a post-pandemic world. To learn how Workstorm can support your business, schedule a free demo today.