During these unprecedented times, health and safety must take first priority as the novel coronavirus transforms our daily lives. As hospitals are overwhelmed, and closures and stay at home orders become the norm across the country, we’re seeing the profound impact of this pandemic on the people we love and the businesses we serve.

We cannot control the times we live through, but we can control what we do in these times. To the frontline healthcare providers, the nurses, the doctors, the paramedics, the police officers and the firefighters; to the grocers, the drivers, the postal workers and the military; to all of the individuals who continue to step up and serve despite grave risks, we thank you.

Crisis reveals character. This is true for organizations as well as individuals. At Workstorm, we take these times, and this challenge to do our part to help, very seriously.

With much of the country immobilized, virtually every professional services business is asking its employees to work remotely to help promote safety. However, the transition to remote work is a significant and stressful one that many organizations have not faced until now.  In this new work environment, Workstorm is positioned and committed to providing collaboration technology to help businesses stay afloat and protect their workers during these uncertain times. We are offering free service for two months, which will be extended for nonprofit organizations. In addition, we are offering a free-forever option to help businesses collaborate without incurring extra costs as they navigate financial uncertainty in the months ahead.

Years before us, the Greatest Generation came together from every state, regardless of background, to put their lives at risk to protect this nation. It is now our collective duty to pay forward that sacrifice to the most vulnerable among us, both as Americans and as global citizens. By staying home and keeping our social distance, we can mitigate the spread of this virus and defeat this deadly pandemic. It will require our collective efforts, but together, we can and will achieve this common goal.