Email is here to stay.

Despite the rumors, email is not dead in enterprise collaboration. In fact, it’s far from it. Email is alive, well and quickly evolving in the new mobile and social world of business. The problem is, many providers of enterprise collaboration software have yet to realize this, or they are only just now waking up to the reality that email isn’t going anywhere. While chat and messaging apps have their place in business communication, there is not substitute for more formalized communication among clients, colleagues, vendors and other serious business stakeholders. That’s why Workstorm created an email client integration as a core function of our enterprise collaboration platform. On Workstorm, email is not dead, not an afterthought, but rather a next-gen evolution for greater workplace efficiency and productivity.

Workstorm integrates email into collaboration platform.

Built directly into the Workstorm platform, email operates with single sign-on functionality and enables users to securely send and receive emails alongside messages, files, video conference calls and more, all within the same dashboard. That means no more minimizing, closing and opening separate windows to switch from messaging to email, or from email to secure file sharing. No more logging into this platform, and then that platform, and then also that platform to get work done throughout the day. On Workstorm, all the tools you need to be productive are right there inside one platform, just one click and you’re on to the next task.

Workstorm currently supports integration with Microsoft Outlook, to serve the needs of most enterprise users, and has additional provider integrations already on the horizon. When sending and receiving emails in Workstorm, users have access to real-time chronological inbox display, folders, HTML-formatted viewing and the ability to send and receive attachments.

By understanding the day-to-day needs of business professionals, Workstorm is able to adapt and evolve collaboration solutions that work with business, not against it. To ensure that all of our features make work easier (not harder) and that our newest updates actually improve user productivity, Workstorm encourages interested users see a demo, start collaborating and offer feedback as to features, integrations and enhancements for the future.

Work takes collaboration, but collaboration shouldn’t take work.

The Workstorm email client integration is just one example of how we’re making the workday more efficient, productive and seamless for enterprises around the world.