As many people reflect back on the past decade, we’re focused on the future at Workstorm. In 2019, we invested in major upgrades to deliver an even better user experience and improve application performance – because our mission is your productivity. We take feedback from users and the business community seriously, and your input has helped us uncover ways to serve you even better in 2020.

From built-in project management tools to enhanced document management integrations, here’s a look at our latest features and what’s to come this year.

2019 Updates

Email and Calendar Integrations

According to an ABA survey, 99% of attorneys save important emails in their files, and more than half (52%) of attorneys send confidential information over email at least once a day. That’s why it’s critical for your team to be able to access email easily – and why we added Office365 email and calendar integrations to the platform in 2019.

With email and contextual messaging both built into Workstorm, you can control how you communicate and lighten the load on your inbox. Our calendar integration makes it easy to create, access and view calendars directly in Workstorm; send or receive meeting invitations; and seamlessly schedule and launch Workstorm’s video conferencing system.

On-Premises Deployment

We launched this as an option to meet the most stringent security needs, giving you the flexibility to make your data as private as you need it to be. All messages and files are encrypted using your own locally stored keys, giving you complete control over sensitive information while also enjoying all the features and capabilities of Workstorm.

Enhanced Integration with Document Management Systems

Our collaboration technology integrates seamlessly with leading document management systems like iManage, so you can view, share, save and send files securely without ever leaving the platform. Enhanced features, like the ability to upload files manually or automatically from Workstorm to your document management system and improved search capabilities, make it easier to store client information and meet recordkeeping requirements.

A Platform Built on Partnerships

If there’s a tool your team relies on to be productive, we want it to be part of Workstorm. We spent 2019 exploring new partnerships with leading providers across the legal tech space, including Relativity, InTapp, HighQ and NetDocuments.

What to Expect in 2020

At Workstorm, we’re committed to finding new ways to help your business work smarter, faster and more effectively in 2020. Some of the biggest updates to watch for this year include:

Enhanced Administration and Data Governance

At Workstorm, your privacy is our No. 1 priority. In 2020, enhanced governance and confidentiality features like ethical walls, placed data holds and data retention/deletion policies will help ensure only the right people see the right information. To meet firm and client recordkeeping requirements, we’re also introducing tagging features to provide an instant snapshot of all files, emails and messages related to a specific matter or project. In addition, new administrative controls offer more insight into how your employees are using the platform and more ways to get them up and running on specific features.

Task Management and Time Tracking

Many teams have told us they use a collaboration tool and a separate project management tool, forcing them to toggle back and forth and drag files from one spot to another. Wouldn’t it be easier to discuss your work and do your work in the same spot? Starting this year, Workstorm will offer integrated task management and time tracking features to eliminate the context switching and app fatigue that can slow teams down. Build your dream team for every project, assign and discuss individual tasks, use templates to easily set up recurring matters or projects, schedule meetings quicker with shared calendars, and track time and sync to your timekeeping system – all from a single platform.

More Powerful Document Management 

Project briefs. Depositions. Contracts. For peak productivity, you need easy access to your most important files. In 2020, we’re enhancing our document management to make managing files simple and secure. Watch for more built-in security features in Workstorm to meet company and regulatory privacy standards, like password-protected files, read-only access and file expirations, along with features to make collaboration easier, like co-authoring capabilities and eSignatures. We’re also introducing deeper integrations with more of the systems that power your business, including Google Drive, OneDrive,, HighQ, WorldDocs and NetDocuments. Connect Workstorm seamlessly with multiple document management systems, bringing all your company and client files into a single, secure interface.

Threaded Messaging Conversations

Messaging has become the preferred way to communicate for many professionals, which means businesses need a way to organize and search for valuable information in those messages later. To help prevent knowledge from getting lost in the electronic shuffle, we’re introducing searchable threaded conversations and comments linked to files. The goal is to provide a dynamic, streamlined alternative to the traditional intranet, putting knowledge at workers’ fingertips the moment they need it.

Video Conferencing Updates

Over three-quarters (77%) of professionals say that video will be standard in meetings within the next three years. In 2020, we’re rolling out an enhanced video conferencing experience for smoother collaboration with colleagues and clients. New features include the ability to dial from  Workstorm video calls to phones, as well as one-click recording.

Email Enhancements

Our fully integrated email client allows users to send and receive email alongside messaging, video conferencing and document management – all within the same dashboard. New capabilities include the option to share email and attachments directly in messaging channels or to attach Workstorm files to emails with a single click.

Even More Integrations

While Workstorm added a number of out-of-the-box integrations in 2019, we’ll continue to make the platform more robust in 2020. Look for new partnerships with providers like Relativity, inTapp and NetDocuments; an improved legal tech stack that includes time and billing, research, litigation, contracts, and a deal room; and an informative and updated section dedicated to breaking legal news. Which new features would make your life easier? Let us know here.

The Bottom Line

At Workstorm, we believe technology should never bog us down, waste our time or distract us from what’s really important. It should give us the freedom to think big and do the work we were meant to do. Our goal is to make day-to-day collaboration hassles a thing of the past. Are you ready for what the new year can bring?