Workforce dynamics are changing.

Today’s workforce is more tech-savvy, remote, global and younger than ever before. Aside from all the statistical data reinforcing the trends, every day I experience these changing workforce dynamics first hand, working with brilliant minds at Workstorm and within our customers’ and partners’ organizations.

In fact, it was this rising tide of change that led me to build Workstorm in the first place. A new generation of knowledge professionals is seeking more choice over where and how they work, and technology is here to support those choices at every turn. Collaboration platforms are just one of many innovations that are redefining how work will look in the future.

Millennial + remote + global = creativity + ideas + knowledge.

First, today’s employees seek modern communication platforms to share their creativity, ideas and knowledge. Employees have a social, mobile, text mindset – fast, fluid and in real-time. Many workers today have shifted to texting or messaging as their priority “inbox” for tasks, questions and decision making. They want tools that can support a flexible work schedule and that allow real-time interaction. For these reasons, our Workstorm team designed quick and easy messaging right alongside email, document management, video conferencing, calendaring and more.

Today’s employees are also remote and global. Businesses today are no longer confined by geography when it comes to hiring. They want the best, most brilliant minds on the job, no matter where the person is physically located. I have first-hand experience of virtual teams getting more done without the hindrances of traditional offices, long commutes and major infrastructure investments. This is where collaboration technology is a game changer. On-demand video conferencing, messaging and document sharing features built into collaboration platforms ensure that employees can interact with colleagues, clients and subject matter experts regardless of where those team members are located or what device they are using.

Finally, today’s employees are demanding smart workplace technologies that increase efficiency and foster personal growth. They want tools that allow them to share information in a way that is natural to them and will foster greater productivity. They want to spend their time both in and away from the office in a meaningful manner. At Workstorm, we know that the intelligent minds within an organization are its most valuable resource. Why waste it, day-in and day-out, battling through disjointed software trying to connect ideas and create value? Collaboration platforms minimize the time and effort it takes to communicate, and a company’s output of valuable work is maximized. This is a concept that any employee – no matter the generation or location – can get behind.

Modern businesses are adapting.

These workforce changes are influencing how companies do business, and employees are eager to join companies that are leading the way with innovative technology. When it comes to communication effectiveness, organizations that embrace collaboration platforms are reaping the benefits, including increased employee engagement, greater productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction. I encourage leaders to look well beyond what’s working now, or what might work a few years from now. Instead, adopt a vision for how your workplace will communicate in the future, and begin partnering with the solutions that will make that vision possible.

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