Hybrid and remote work had been gaining popularity years before the pandemic, but COVID-19 forced many businesses to embrace these models – even if they weren’t ready.

Whether your organization quickly adopted collaboration software or you already had an effective solution in place, it’s possible that your technology may no longer be meeting your needs – in fact, it may be setting you up for stagnation. As we embrace the next phase of the pandemic and acknowledge some of the long-term business changes it’s unleashed, it’s a good time to revisit how effective your collaboration technology will be for the long haul.

4 Ways To Evaluate Your Collaboration Platform

Consider these questions when deciding how well your current technology is positioning your business for success.

  • Can we get all our work done in our collaboration platform? Although the pandemic posed hardships for many businesses, some industries found increased success, from telehealth providers to technology companies. If you’ve taken on new clients or projects, you need your platform to help you keep track of all the files, emails, messages and videoconferences that come with each one. Some businesses use multiple single-feature solutions, such as dedicated videoconferencing platforms and messaging apps, but switching among tools is inefficient. Look for an all-in-one platform that offers a feature such as workspaces, which enable you to separate work by client or project.
  • Does our collaboration platform effectively connect internal and external colleagues? Some platforms support communication between coworkers, but your team likely also needs to stay connected with an increasing number of outside individuals and businesses, like clients and vendors. With Workstorm, you can easily invite an unlimited number of external collaborators into the platform, while protecting privacy and client confidentiality. Conversations are private by default and external users are automatically flagged, so you can easily identify those conversations.
  • Will our platform protect our company and client data against current and emerging threats? Make sure you know what your business app vendors are doing with your data. Many tech companies harvest and monetize their clients’ data, and third-party integrations and security weaknesses can also compromise data if not managed correctly. Workstorm allows for highly secure sharing and collaboration on sensitive files, like legal documents. We’re also deeply committed to data privacy, and won’t ever share or sell user data.
  • Is our collaboration platform positioned to help grow our team? In spring and summer 2021, employees resigned from their jobs in unprecedented numbers, ushering in the Great Resignation. With flexibility at the top of many professionals’ must-have lists, human resources experts are predicting that organizations not offering this perk may miss out on 70% of candidates. In addition to permitting partial or full remote work, ensure that your platform provides a seamless experience through integration with business essentials, such as email and calendar. Your collaboration platform can also support employee satisfaction and retention by fostering meaningful connections while boosting productivity.   

Still Unsure About Remote or Hybrid Work?

If the pandemic hasn’t forced you to adopt a remote or hybrid model, it’s never too late to embrace the benefits, which include:

  • A productivity boost compared with in-office work. In one study, 40% of workers reported that they were more productive at home than expected. Remote workers tend to achieve 1.4 days of additional productivity per month, compared with in-office workers.
  • Improvement in worker satisfaction and work-life balance, including an increased Workforce Happiness Index score.
  • Reduction of costs and environmental impacts of business travel. This is important to consider, as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and climate change concerns become top-of-mind for more customers.
  • The ability to stay resilient and adaptable in the face of health alerts, severe weather and other business disruptions.

The Right Technology Is Key to Hybrid and Remote Work Success

Staying productive ​​– and secure – requires a collaboration platform that meets your current and future needs so that you can avoid the headache of continually researching new tools. Switching platforms doesn’t have to be a headache, however, if you’ve determined there is a better solution for your business. For example, Workstorm integrates easily with legacy systems and offers both cloud and on-premises hosting options.

To see how Workstorm can position your organization to achieve lasting productivity and security as the pandemic continues to shift, schedule a free demo today.