Manage your documents, not the other way around.

Workstorm lets you store, share and manage documents securely in one convenient space. Plus, seamless integration with your document management system puts your most important work within reach.

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A one-stop solution for your files

Workstorm offers instant access to all your documents, so you can discuss work and do your work in a single, secure environment.

  • Access files easily

    Upload files, screenshots and images of any size directly to Workstorm and access them in the office or on the go.

  • Protect private data

    Feel confident only the right people can access files with user-level permissions and built-in data privacy.

  • Find what you need

    Find files fast by searching files in chat for context, or use global file search to search across all conversations.

  • Share across platforms

    Screenshare files on video calls, attach them to tasks, email to clients and more on one powerful platform.

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Connect with these leading platforms

Connect Workstorm directly to your document management system of choice to gain even more power and control over your work.

  • iManage

  • Net Documents

  • Box

  • HighQ

Support for any document management system.

No matter where your files live, we’ll put them within reach. Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with tools like iManage and Dropbox, plus custom integration capabilities, to aggregate all your solutions on a single platform.

Skip the data migration.

Start collaborating on files the minute you log in with Workstorm. Deep integration with your existing document system means no data migration is required.

Ease your email burdens.

With email and messaging built into the same platform, Workstorm helps to reduce inbox overload by allowing you to share files and links to documents via chat. Links include all the benefits you rely on from your document management system, including co-authoring, version control and user-level permissions.

A single, secure workspace.

Avoid app fatigue by collaborating on work and doing your work in one intuitive platform. Search through your folders quickly to find what you need, share files or links directly in messages or Workspaces where the context is already set, and share documents through email – all without needing to leave the platform.

Automated recordkeeping.

Preserve messages and file history in your client record and meet information security requirements with manual or automatic syncing. Move files seamlessly to your document management system through Workstorm.

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