CHICAGO, July 31, 2018 – Workstorm, provider of enterprise-grade workplace collaboration technology, today announced the seamless integration of email into the company’s enterprise collaboration platform. Built into the platform with single sign-on functionality, the Workstorm email client enables users to securely send and receive emails alongside messages, files, videoconference calls and more, all within the same dashboard, enabling increased user efficiency and productivity.

The Workstorm email client supports Microsoft Outlook in the current instance, with additional provider integrations on the horizon. Features of the new email integration include real-time chronological inbox display, folders, HTML-formatted email viewing and the sending and receiving of attachments. “Email remains a critical tool in business communication, despite the rising popularity of chat, messaging and videoconferencing applications,” says Raj Fernando, chairman and CEO, Workstorm. “Everything we do at Workstorm is designed to remove roadblocks and alleviate the collaboration challenges faced by businesses today. Incorporating, innovating and evolving email – rather than dismissing it – is the only way to provide a truly collaborative solution for enterprise and enable broad user adoption across all industries, functions and geographies.”

The Workstorm enterprise collaboration platform provides enterprise customers with a customizable solution that integrates with existing technologies critical to business success. As part of the platform’s security features and enterprise-grade encryption, Workstorm offers an unprecedented level of control, enabling customers to establish internal and external communications permissions, as well as security and authentication requirements.

Currently offering a limited beta program for early adopters in the legal and professional services industries, Workstorm will be publicly available in late 2018. During the beta period, the Workstorm Legal Collaboration Community is available to Am Law 200 firms interested in partnering with Workstorm to develop unique integrations and customizations specific to the legal industry.