Built for the new era of hybrid work.

Private collaboration in the office, at home, and everywhere in between.

Looking for a Slack, Zoom or Teams alternative?

Workstorm’s one-platform approach makes collaboration more intuitive, cost-effective and secure.

The Platform Where Privacy Comes First

We believe communication can be efficient and confidential when needed. Workstorm is pioneering private collaboration, where information is shared on a need-to-know basis. Your trade secrets, client and personal data, and health details are protected.

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  • “We value Workstorm’s secure platform, its mobile app and its reliability. We were early adopters of Workstorm, and we’re excited about how the platform continues to evolve to meet our needs.”

    – Principal, Insurance Services Firm

  • "We’ve loved using Workstorm, especially as we’ve been forced to become a virtual team and use it fully. The videoconferencing and messaging has been huge."

    – Chief Operating Officer, Tech Incubator

  • "Thankful for Workstorm... as the virus has forced us all to adapt to work remotely."

    -Principal, Design Firm

Empower Smarter Hybrid Work

Disjointed communication apps increase costs, create security gaps and waste hours of your team's time. Workstorm houses videoconferencing, messaging, file sharing and storage, email, calendar, and more in a single competitively priced platform, creating the ultimate collaboration platform for your hybrid workforce.

One Click to Connect with External Partners

Your day-to-day work involves more than your hybrid team – it includes external clients, partners and vendors. Workstorm lets you collaborate with external partners in a single click, bringing unlimited companies together in secure channels to get work done faster.

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