Law Firms, Collaborate Securely With These Three Communication Platform Features

Manage information technology (IT) for a law firm? You’ve probably lost sleep over the myriad ways your company’s data can be compromised – and the devastating effects it could leave on your reputation and bottom line.


5 Benefits of All-in-One Collaboration Platforms for Law Firms

The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for law firms and legal departments that aren’t working together regularly in the office.


Digital Collaboration and Discovery: Is Your Law Firm Keeping Up?

The way we communicate in the workplace is changing – and those changes are having a huge impact on how law firms do business.


The 5 Biggest Takeaways from the ABA 2019 Legal Technology Survey

How are today’s law firms using technology and where do they still need help? That’s what the American Bar Association recently set out to answer in its 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report.


4 Lessons Learned at ILTA – and How They Could Impact Your Team

As the premier conference focused on legal technology, this year’s ILTACON event in Orlando, Florida, brought together thought leaders and technology decision-makers to explore operational strategies for today’s ever-changing legal industry.

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The Power of Collaborating with Workspaces

Ever feel like you have too many open tabs? Too many emails? Too many deadlines? Too many communications happening all at once? To reduce stress and clutter, you need a single, well-organized work space to see and respond to everyone important to you.


Top Legal Technologies of 2019: Automation, Encryption and Collaboration

Two leading technology publications released their 2019 lists of leaders in legal tech, including The National Law Journal’s 2019 Emerging Legal Technology leaders and CIO Review’s 2019 list of Top 20 Legal Technology Solutions.


Legal Tech’s Predictions for 2019 in Innovative Technologies

Still have questions about how artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other innovative technologies will be regulated or applied practically? Next year may be the one you find the answer.


The Time Is Now for Corporate Legal Collaboration

Solve complex problems, forecast legal spend, manage risk and partner with a diverse set of business stakeholders—these are just a few of the vast demands placed on in-house legal.


Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Workplaces are looking a little different these days. From where work is done to how ideas are discussed and who is making the decisions, a majority of employees are demanding change.