Time is an asset.

In an ideal world, all your case documents and communications would be in one place. No more switching from email to secure file sharing and back again. No more logging into this platform, and then that platform, and then also that platform to get find a document and send it to someone. No more wasted minutes clicking, opening, minimizing, and closing windows on your computer. As a lawyer or legal professional, you understand the value of those wasted minutes. Time is your most valuable asset.

That’s why it is so important to utilize technology platforms that enhance your productivity. Leveraging useful technology and well-thought-out processes make your practice more efficient and successful – reducing paperwork, streamlining communications and keeping documents in a centralized location. Enterprise collaboration, combined with powerful document management, is a step toward putting more time back on your calendar.

Integrating iManage into Workstorm (a match made in productivity).

For these reasons, Workstorm recently announced a partnership with iManage, the leading provider of work product management solutions. The new integration brings users working within the Workstorm enterprise collaboration platform seamless access to iManage Work 10, a document and email management system for modern professionals. Specifically, the iManage Work 10 system is integrated into the Workstorm platform, with optional single sign-on functionality that connects directly to the customer’s existing iManage account. The integration enables Workstorm users to securely view, open, send, and receive iManage documents within Workstorm, as well as check-out, check-in and edit documents directly within the iManage Work 10 system to maintain version control.

See it in action.

Workstorm will be demonstrating this new document management integration at ILTACON 2018. Stop by booth #112 at ILTACON or schedule a demonstration of Workstorm today.