Time is your most valuable asset.

  • How many hours a day do you spend sending email? Making phone calls? Searching for documents?
  • How many times a day do you text colleagues asking if they are free to chat?
  • How many communication or document management tools do you access each day?

What if you could put some of that time back on your schedule? Remember, business communication shouldn’t drain your time. Rather, it should be efficient, effortless and secure.

That’s where Workstorm comes in.

As announced today, Workstorm is a customizable, enterprise-grade workplace collaboration platform that puts serious work above all else. Our platform harnesses the power of a brainstorm while providing the efficiency needed to do more work in less time.

Available on your desktop, laptop or mobile device, the Workstorm platform enables you to chat one-on-one or with a team. With a click of a button, you can video conference, email and share files. You can even poll a group for input by conducting surveys that update in real-time. Never again waste time digging around for a document across various file servers and systems. Our enterprise collaboration platform stores files and information securely in one place, keeping you organized and allowing you to search across everything using keywords.

At Workstorm, we are committed to designing products that remove obstacles and eliminate the inefficiencies that stand in the way of serious businesses getting serious business done.

Because after all, work takes collaboration. But collaboration shouldn’t take work.

Learn more about Workstorm and see how our enterprise-grade workplace collaboration platform can help your business get more done in less time.