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4 Data Privacy Rules To Help Protect Your Business From Silicon Valley Scandals

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January 29, 2024
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August 27, 2023
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Secure Collaboration Is Here to Stay: Does Your Virtual Collaboration Platform Actually Offer it?

Whenever we hear about an uninvited, unannounced party dropping in and snooping on a business’ video call, or news stories alleging workplace harassment and security breaches via popular remote collaboration tools, it ruffles our feathers here at Workstorm.


Taking Work by Storm: Inside Our 2021 Roadmap

One year ago, “coronavirus” wasn’t yet a household word, office watercoolers still existed, and business meetings involved gathering around a table instead of logging into a laptop.


Building a Digital Workplace that Works For Your Remote Team

Before co-founding Workstorm, I was part of the team at Automated Trading Desk (ATD), a high-frequency trading firm that pioneered technology and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the trading industry.


5 Remote Work Security Mistakes Businesses Might Not Even Know They’re Making

Digital collaboration is a top priority for business leaders as they work to keep remote teams productive and engaged.


Connecting to Success: 4 Technology Essentials for Virtual Career Networking

In 2020, college classrooms have faced major disruptions. As the 2020-2021 school year begins, 27% of institutions plan to operate primarily online, with 6% committing to a completely virtual experience and 16% embracing a hybrid model.


Breaking Down Communication Borders: 4 Digital Rules for External Collaboration

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a dramatic – and possibly permanent – shift to remote work. A study published this summer found that nearly half (42%) of Americans are now working from home full-time.


Digital Privacy and Collaboration: Workstorm’s Origin Story

From day one, Workstorm was built with secure, compliant collaboration in mind. We’re committed to providing a digital platform that protects private data while connecting professionals from anywhere with anyone. Here’s the story behind how it all began.


Redefining Legal Collaboration in the Wake of COVID-19: A Conversation with The Geek in Review

During a time when most of us are under work-from-home orders, remote collaboration is likely a necessary part of our workday. As many law firms adopt full-scale remote work for the first time, they’re evaluating new tools and processes while also navigating the stresses on their team in this uncertain environment.