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May 14, 2024
Angela Kovach Joins Workstorm Leadership Team, Adding Deep Vertical and Technical Expertise
April 9, 2024
Katie Barr Joins Workstorm Executive Team, Highlighting Focus on Legal Industry
March 5, 2024
Ambassador Ivo H. Daalder Joins Workstorm Advisory Board
January 29, 2024
In Memoriam: Andrew Christensen


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Connecting to Success: 4 Technology Essentials for Virtual Career Networking

In 2020, college classrooms have faced major disruptions. As the 2020-2021 school year begins, 27% of institutions plan to operate primarily online, with 6% committing to a completely virtual experience and 16% embracing a hybrid model.


Breaking Down Communication Borders: 4 Digital Rules for External Collaboration

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a dramatic – and possibly permanent – shift to remote work. A study published this summer found that nearly half (42%) of Americans are now working from home full-time.


Digital Privacy and Collaboration: Workstorm’s Origin Story

From day one, Workstorm was built with secure, compliant collaboration in mind. We’re committed to providing a digital platform that protects private data while connecting professionals from anywhere with anyone. Here’s the story behind how it all began.


Redefining Legal Collaboration in the Wake of COVID-19: A Conversation with The Geek in Review

During a time when most of us are under work-from-home orders, remote collaboration is likely a necessary part of our workday. As many law firms adopt full-scale remote work for the first time, they’re evaluating new tools and processes while also navigating the stresses on their team in this uncertain environment.


A Message from Workstorm’s CEO on the COVID-19 Outbreak

During these unprecedented times, health and safety must take first priority as the novel coronavirus transforms our daily lives.


Is Your Business Ready for Remote Work?

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, is forcing businesses around the globe to embrace remote work – whether or not they’re ready.


Digital Collaboration and Discovery: Is Your Law Firm Keeping Up?

The way we communicate in the workplace is changing – and those changes are having a huge impact on how law firms do business.


New Year, New Workstorm: A Look at Our 2020 Roadmap

As many people reflect back on the past decade, we’re focused on the future at Workstorm. In 2019, we invested in major upgrades to deliver an even better user experience and improve application performance – because our mission is your productivity.