Ever feel like you have too many open tabs? Too many emails? Too many deadlines? Too many communications happening all at once? To reduce stress and clutter, you need a single, well-organized work space to see and respond to everyone important to you.

That’s why we created Workspaces in Workstorm, to give you the power to organize your communication dashboard and collaborate more effectively.

Below are 2 scenarios that explain just how beneficial Workspaces are in Workstorm.

Scenario #1: Workspaces for Project Management

Are you juggling multiple complex projects at once, that involve many different people, deadlines and stakeholders? If so, you may decide to use Workspaces like a project manager.

Scenario #2: Workspaces for Legal Clients or Matters

If you work for a law firm or legal department, your job centers more around clients and cases. In this scenario, you may wish to structure your Workspaces around each client or matter.

Workspaces are designed to help you stay organized and be more productive. Create Workspaces to support your active projects and teams. Customize your layouts, displays and alerts to make Workstorm efficient for you. Set up a demo, start using Workstorm and tell us about your collaboration needs.