Two leading technology publications released their 2019 lists of leaders in legal tech, including The National Law Journal’s 2019 Emerging Legal Technology leaders and CIO Review’s 2019 list of Top 20 Legal Technology Solutions. Both publications profile leading technology companies that are fundamentally changing the ways that law firms and legal departments operate. This year, we see trends in automation, encryption and collaboration leading in the space.

Notable Trendsetters

From contract management and IP management to juror research and encryption, we’re seeing innovation from both well-known companies and emerging leaders established in the last five years.

Voltaire Voir Dire is an app using artificial intelligence to perform automated background research and create juror profiles, giving trial teams an edge in the courtroom. Apperio, an automated legal spend and analytics tool, helps in-house counsel track and analyze legal spend across all their law firms. Another recognized winner, Windtalker, is allowing legal teams to protect portions of shared documents with military-grade encryption, so specific confidential information contained in a document is secure no matter if it is sent, copied, pasted or attached.

Emerging Leaders in Collaboration Technology

Workstorm was also honored to be included in both The National Law Journal and CIO Review for its collaboration software that’s designed to enable brilliant minds to do more valuable work. We believe technology should bring us closer together and free our minds to focus on what matters. That’s why we designed collaboration software that’s frictionless and intuitive. Workstorm integrates email, calendar, messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and document management, and more, all in one secure, desktop and mobile platform available on-prem or in the cloud

With each advancement in technology, law firms and legal departments enjoy better ways to do important work with their internal teams and external clients. Which is why it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends and test out various emerging technologies. Workstorm, alongside many of the 2019 trendsetters acclaimed in these lists, is happy to provide demos to help legal teams understand the trends in collaboration. Simply contact us to schedule a brief demo, and we encourage you to do the same with leaders in automation, encryption and other emerging tech.