As law firm partners, associates and staff, you manage cases, strategize with colleagues, communicate with clients, edit documents, log billable hours and update calendars – all in separate, unconnected systems. The disjointed nature of the legal tech landscape is costing you time, and more importantly, costing your law firm productivity.

It’s time to transform the practice of law.

Collaboration platforms are poised to become the sole digital location where work happens in a law firm. No longer will firms have separate email, messaging, video, document sharing, calendaring and billing systems. Instead, these applications will be integrated within a single collaboration platform, developed specifically for the legal industry.

Sometimes referred to as “enterprise collaboration,” these platforms are built around team messaging and represent a convergence of forces to get employees interacting in a fluid manner. In the legal industry, these workstream collaboration platforms can be integrated, connecting to existing business systems within a law firm – for example, billing, calendaring, document management and discovery. In the near future, such platforms will deliver access to a nearly endless array of other legal applications available in the marketplace – such as legal research, depositions, analytics and artificial intelligence software.

Workstorm for law firms.

At Workstorm, it is our mission to design products and solutions that remove obstacles and eliminate the inefficiencies that stand in the way of serious businesses getting serious work done. For law firms, this means:

  • Improved teamwork and coordination on matters across all members of the legal team, including outside counsel and experts, no matter the geography.
  • Uninterrupted productivity​ through secure, always-on messaging connections, document sharing and video conferencing features, available on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Increased firm profitability through integrated applications, workflows, business processes and data streams.
  • Trusted security methods to keep case team conversations private, share files only with authorized personnel, set password parameters and enable single sign-on.

Workstorm is the only enterprise collaboration platform on the market today that is built specifically for the legal industry. Email, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, as well as integration with the case and matter management tools firms use every day – all in one user-friendly platform.

Law firm collaboration technology is here. It’s time to get on board or risk falling behind the competition. Request a demo and see how Workstorm can work for your practice.