Technology Trends


Improving your Firm’s Legal Matter Management

It is common for firms to face obstacles that include centralizing collaboration for internal teams and external parties, controlling access to confidential information, tracking billing discrepancies, accommodating client demands to stay informed, and maintaining information governance standards.


Taking Work by Storm: Inside Our 2021 Roadmap

One year ago, “coronavirus” wasn’t yet a household word, office watercoolers still existed, and business meetings involved gathering around a table instead of logging into a laptop.


Building a Digital Workplace that Works For Your Remote Team

Before co-founding Workstorm, I was part of the team at Automated Trading Desk (ATD), a high-frequency trading firm that pioneered technology and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the trading industry.


Connecting to Success: 4 Technology Essentials for Virtual Career Networking

In 2020, college classrooms have faced major disruptions. As the 2020-2021 school year begins, 27% of institutions plan to operate primarily online, with 6% committing to a completely virtual experience and 16% embracing a hybrid model.


New Year, New Workstorm: A Look at Our 2020 Roadmap

As many people reflect back on the past decade, we’re focused on the future at Workstorm. In 2019, we invested in major upgrades to deliver an even better user experience and improve application performance – because our mission is your productivity.


The 5 Biggest Takeaways from the ABA 2019 Legal Technology Survey

How are today’s law firms using technology and where do they still need help? That’s what the American Bar Association recently set out to answer in its 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report.


Remote and Millennial Minds Demand New Tools

Today’s workforce is more tech-savvy, remote, global and younger than ever before. Aside from all the statistical data reinforcing the trends, every day I experience these changing workforce dynamics first hand, working with brilliant minds at Workstorm and within our customers’ and partners’ organizations.


Legaltech 2019: Communication, Calendaring, Collaboration

Legaltech 2019 is behind us! It was another exciting year of learning and networking, and even having a little fun along the way.


Knowledge Workers Level Up with New Tools

“Knowledge workers”, a common label to refer to those in the professional services industry, trade in information. Communication is essential, as these professionals are measured by their ability to gather and share experiences and insights with clarity, consistency and, increasingly, speed.


Legal Technology Predictions

Still have questions about how artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other innovative technologies will be regulated or applied practically? Next year may be the one you find the answer.